Clock txt V - A very nice looking
Clock Html V- clock 4 a IRC
Typewriter txt V- A really cool script
Typewriter Html V- that types out words
Flooder txt V- LoL it's what everyone wantz
Flooder Html V- It's Flooding equipment
Description bar txt V-A very nice looking status bar
Description bar Html V- 4 a IRC
Personal popups txt V- Persoal Popups
Personal Popups Html V- 4 a IRC
Mr.Push me txt V - a funny function
Mr Push Me html V - 4 a IRĒ
A Roomchanger Roomchanger txt V- A nice roomchanger
Diane Dumas' Roomchanger txt V- The roomchanger
Diane Dumas' Roomchanger html V - Diane Dumas made and uses
Multi Roomchanger txt V- Be in Multiple
Multi Roomchanger html V - Rooms @ 1 time
Pulldown Roomchanger txt V- A cool Roomchanger that has
Pulldown Roomchanger html V - a Plldown server and port
Prompt Roomchanger txt V- A roomchanger
Prompt Roomchanger html V - that uses prompts
Prototype Bug alert txt V- Tells you RELOAD
Prototype Bug Alert html V- The page
Text 2 Voice txt V- You enter the text
Text 2 Voice html V- It says it
Bgcolor changer txt V- Have the people choose
Bgcolor changer html V- The bgcolor of your IRC
Notepad txt V- Test your html
Notepad html V- with this
AutoGreet txt VWhen a chatter uses your IRC
AutoGreet html V- it advertises it when they enter
Ravas Alt txt Convertor txt V - Changes your text
Ravas Alt txt Convertor html V- 2 alt text
Morse Code txt Convertor txt V - Changes your text
Morse Code txt Convertor html V - 2 Morse code text
TC profiler txt V - Search a persons
TC Profiler html V- TC Profile
ICQ txt V - Send a person on ICQ
ICQ html V- a message
Pulldown Popups txt V - Popus in a
Pulldown Popupz html V- Pulldown menu
Prompt Popups txt V - Popups that use
Prompt Popupz html V- Prompts
Animated Status Bar txt V a status bar
Animated Status Bar html V- That's moving
Ez-talk txt V - use
Ez-talk html V- Ez-talk
Chant button txt V -Chant the
Chant button html V- Text u want 2
Music button txt V - A musi button where u
Music button html V- enter the addy
TC Cloner txt V - Clone a
TC Cloner html V- Chatter
Pretender txt V - Pretend to be
Pretender html V- a Notice or a person
Alarm clock txt V- Set your alarm
Alarm Clock html V- to wake you up
Automsg txt V- a message that you want is
Automsg html V automatically said ever few secs.
A set of Fonts txt V- A chat bar with
A set of Fonts html V- some fontz
Webtv/Plus Mailer txt V- A Webtv
Webtv/Plus Mailer html V- Mailer
comment mailer txt V - A comment
Comment Mailer html V- Mailer
Frames Help txt V- Need help
Frames Help html V- with frames come here